Frequently Asked Questions about Paragliding Tandem Flight

Where we take-off?
All our flights are selected to ensure maximum safety and fun.
Our flight areas are: Monte Baldo and Monte Belpo, overlooking Garda Lake.
We can fly in Winter time?
With the glider we can fly all the year round, except when it's raining or there are adverse weather conditions.
I feel dizzy, can I fly?
The dizziness is not a problem, there are many suffering from vertigo who fly quietly whenever they can. Having not fixed references under our feet we don’t have any problem.
What do I have to do for flying?
Call us  or write on whatsapp!! we can give you informations in english!  +39 345 8522387.
What should I wear?
Long pants, hiking shoes or trekking shoes. Not smooth shoes!
Is there an age limit for flying in tandem?
There is no age limit for paragliding.You just should be able to do a little running; if you are under 18 years old you need  your parents’ authorization (you'll find everything in the form “liberatoria Tandem-english”). However, we ask you to  inform us if you are under 18 or over 60.
Is there a weight limit?
Between 40 to 100 kg there are no problems.     Otherwise we just ask you to  inform us in order to facilitate the organization.
the passenger must be aware:
  • I understand that this activity is considered a high risk sport and I accept this risk and the pilot need your help to fly (run for the take off and lending …);
  • I understand that the pilot who offer  the tandem flight is qualified, insured (RCT-third party liability insurance  not injury insurance) and and the pilot is the only  responsible for the service of tandem flight;
  • I received all the information on the tandem flight including information on risks;
  • to be aware that YetiExtreme and Garda Tandem  is not the organizer of the service it provides pilots advertising through its own channels;
  • to be aware that YetiExtreme and Garda Tandem is a brand advertising for the Lago di Garda/Baldo;
  • I acknowledge that I have a good health situation and that I don’t have any special requirements due to ill health or medical conditions.


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